Mac delete large files quickly

How to skip the Trash and delete files on Mac immediately

Exaggerations aside, it is not uncommon for free disk space to dramatically shrink in day-to-day use. Large media files, dmgs, all sorts of archives — are easily left behind and forgotten in the Downloads folder. They can take up tons of space too. Instead of trying to gun them down by manually browsing through catalogs of folders on your Mac, follow the tips below to quickly check up on all the large files.

Often underlooked, Smart Folders on Mac can provide sorting and filtering functionality that is easy to pick up and hard to give up.

What is the quickest and easiest way to delete a file from a Mac?

Large files are not exempt. To quickly locate big files on your Mac computer:.

How to Delete Files Immediately with a Keyboard Shortcut on Mac

With all the filters in place you will see all the files exceeding the size of MBs all in one place. To make files easier to manage, change the view mode to list.

How to Free Up Space on Your Mac Hard Drive With This Simple Trick

Having everything in one place lets you conveniently drag and drop items to Trash to make more room on your drive. For those of you dealing with large files on regular basis, you can save the Smart Folder configuration for quick and easy sidebar access. After configuring the filters, hit Save in the upper right corner, name the folder, and make sure the Add to Sidebar box is checked. Configurable Smart Folders make up for a great search tool as it allows to specify file size.

Two Free Mac Apps Help You Find Huge Files Fast

You will notice the options in that menu change slightly when you hold the Option key. Move to Trash changes to Delete Immediately. So, select that option and then confirm that you want to delete it in the pop-up box. Which one are you going to use?

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Need help removing other types of files on Mac? Delete files on Mac with a keyboard shortcut One quick and easy way to permanently delete files is with a keyboard shortcut.

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Delete files on Mac with the menu option The second way you can immediately delete a file is by using the menu bar.